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  • Research articles

  • Aphid parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Aphidiinae) and their tritrophic relationships in Kerman province, Southeastern Iran  PDF    download : 3101
    H Barahoei ; SM Madjdzadeh ; M Mehrparvar
    Views: 421
    Population genetic structure of Mahi Sefid (Rutilus frisii kutum) in the of South Caspian Sea: Implications for fishery management  PDF    download : 4564
    HA Abdolhay ; SK Daud ; M Pourkazemi ; S Rezvani ; M Pourkazemi ; SS Siraj ; F Laloei ; A Javanmard ; M Hassanzadeh Saber
    Views: 390
    The Lizard Fauna of Kurdistan Province, Western Iran  PDF    download : 5831
    Z Bahmani ; R Karamiani ; A Gharzi
    Views: 398
    Distribution and morphological variation of Emys orbicularis in the coastal areas of the Caspian sea  PDF    download : 3690
    N Hezaveh ; M Arakelyan ; F Danielyan ; F Ghassemzadeh
    Views: 322
    Mitochondrial DNA (CYTB) divergences in two distinct, Old World and New World Barn Owls  PDF    download : 4045
    N Alaei K ; M Aliabadian
    Views: 472
    Contribution to the knowledge of the Pteromalidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) from Khorasan Razavi Province, Northeastern Iran  PDF    download : 4342
    A Hassani ; SM Madjdzadeh
    Views: 343

  • Short Communications

  • Morphological Characteristics of Short Sea Snake, Lapemis curtus (Shaw, 1802), with Notes on New Identification Characteristics  PDF    download : 5597
    M Kordi ; N Shabanipour
    Views: 322
    A new record of Allactaga euphratica from Ilam province, West of Iran  PDF    download : 4153
    J Darvish ; M Tarahomi ; M Tarahomi ; S Akbarirad ; M Dianat
    Views: 296
    Further record of Golunda ellioti Gray, 1837 from South East of Iran with notes on its postcranial skeleton  PDF    download : 4730
    J Darvish ; Y Amirfazli ; K Hamidi
    Views: 288