New Records of Naked-footed Gerbil Gerbillus nanus and Pygmy Gerbil Gerbillus cfr. henleyi (Rodentia, Muridae) from Iran

Document Type : Research articles


Rodentology Research Department, Faculty of Science, Ferdowsi University, 91775-1436, Mashhad, Iran


Gerbillus nanus is a highly polytypic species exhibiting considerable geographical variation, both in external and cranial characters. In the present study, specimens were collected from different localities in the northeastern, eastern, central and southern Iran. The values for external end cranial measurements have been given. The specimens present the existence of two different morphotypes of Baluchistan gerbil – short-tailed and long-tailed – existing sympatrically, especially in the southern parts of Iran. Moreover, in this study, one specimen was captured from Abarkouh desert and identified as Gerbillus cfr. henleyi which is the first report of the presence of this species in Iran. This new record expands the distribution of G. henleyi because it is the most eastern record of this species.