Biosystematic analysis of genus Rattus (Rodentia: Murinae) in Iran using total proteins of plasma and esterase-1

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Genus Rattus from the subfamily Murinae has a wide geographical distribution
throughout the world. Three species of this genus have been reported in Iran so far. They
are Norway or brown rat (Rattus norvegicus), black rat (Rattus rattus), and Himalayan rat
(Rattus pyctoris). In order to verify the possibility of using electrophoretic patterns of
special proteins, in biosystematic analysis of these species, total proteins of plasma
(globulins and albumin) and esterse-1 of nine specimens belonging to three species of
Rattus, from five populations were analyzed by native-PAGE (native polyacrylamide gel
electrophoresis). Electrophoretic patterns of globulins, albumin, and esterase-1 alleles
were different in these species and an unknown species was distinguished by this
technique. Also, brown rats from Tehran and Mashhad were discriminated by these