Molecular phylogeny of Malaysian Pangasiid based on cytochrome C oxidase I (COI) DNA sequences

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The molecular phylogenetic trees of 42 representative samples of Malaysian pangasiid
were constructed using cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COI). The topologies resulting
from molecular analyses, Maximum Parsimony, Maximum Likelihood, and Bayesian
Inference, revealed the paraphyly of Pangasius genus and monophyly of P. nasutus, P.
bocourti, P. micronemus, and P. hypopthalmus with high support values. The results clearly
showed that COI gene can be used to isolate the native species of Malaysian pangasiids,
including P. nasutus, P. micronemus, P. bocourti and H. waandersii from P. hypopthalmus that has
been introduced from Thailand.