The Karaman vole Microtus irani karamani is a new record for Iran (Arvicolinae; Microtus)

Document Type : Research articles


1 Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

2 Ferdowsi UNiversity of Mashhad


We studied 1038 bp of cytochrome b gene for social voles from three localities in Iran. The new sequences were compared with the previous published data correspond to eight species of social voles. Our results indicated that new material from west of Iran belong to the two species; M. socialis and M. irani karamani. This finding led to prove more knowledge about the Iranian vole distribution rang in Iran, and showed that west part of Iran is occupied with three social voles; M. socialis, M. qazvinensis that already have been documented, and M. irani karamani that is a new addition record for Iran.