A survey on the fauna of Ichneumonidae (Hymenoptera) associating with alfalfa fields of Khorasan Razavi province

Document Type : Research articles


1 Institute of Agricultural Research, University of Zabol

2 Department of Plant Protection, College of Agriculture, University of Zabol


In order to study the fauna of ichneumonid wasps (Hym., Ichneumonidae), a survey was carried out during 2010-2013 in various localities in Khorasan Razavi province. Samples were collected using sweeping net by irregular patterns on the common field crops and in the orchards. 234 specimens, in total were collected and identified. They were consisting 26 species belong 25 genera of 12 subfamilies. Among them, 16 species are new for Khorasan fauna including Anomalon cruentatum (Geoffroy, 1785) and Barylypa propugnator (Geoffroy, 1785) (Anomaloninae); Exetastes syriacus Schmiedeknecht, 1910 and Lissonota pleuralis (Brischke, 1880) (Banchinae); Diadegma semiclausum (Hellén, 1949) and Sinophorus xanthostomus (Gravenhorst, 1829) (Campopleginae); Dichrogaster longicaudata (Thomson, 1884), Dichrogaster saharator (Aubert, 1964) and Trychosis legator (Thunberg, 1822) (Cryptinae); Enizemum ornatum (Gravenhorst, 1829), Homotropus signatus (Gravenhorst, 1829) and Promethes sulcator (Gravenhorst, 1829) (Diplazontinae); Diadromus collaris (Gravenhorst, 1829), Dicaelotus pumilus (Gravenhorst, 1829) and Ichneumon proletarius Wesmael, 1848 (Ichneumoninae); Orthocentrus strigatus Holmgren, 1858 (Orthocentrinae). Three species including Exetastes syriacus, Lissonota pleuralis and Dicaelotus pumilus are new records for the fauna of Iran.