Snails of orchards and farms in West Azerbaijan Province, Iran

Document Type : Research articles


Agricultural Zoology Research Department, Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection,Tehran, Iran


During 2012-2013 in a funistic survey of snails, several species of snails were collected and identified; both from orchards, farms and the weeds. In total, 18 species belonging to 17 genera out of 10 families are identified based on morphometric characteristics including (shape and size of operculum, aperture, dextral or sinistral of shell, pneumostome, keel, radula, renal ridge and reproduction system). As a result, Vitrea contortula, Vallonia tenuilabris and Orculella sirianocoriensis identified as new record for Iranian mollusc fauna. Besides, the most damaging species within the yielded list identified as Helicella krynickii that has much importance within the north west of region.