A new Nebria species (Carabidae: Nebriini) and a new Deltomerus species (Carabidae: Patrobini) from high mountain areas of Azarbayjan-e Gharbi Province, Iran

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Naturalis Biodiversity Center


During a comprehensive study of the genus Stenus (Staphylinidae) along streams and river banks in Iran, some ground beetles (Carabidae) were also collected. In the high mountain areas along the Iranian-Turkish border in the province of Azarbayan -e Gharbi, a Nebria and a Deltomerus species were found. These Nebria and Deltomerus species were clearly different from known Iranian species, but related to Turkish species.
Nebria (Nebria) azarbayanei sp. nov. is compared with the related N. (N.) thonitida Ledoux and Roux 1990. Deltomerus (Deltomerus) veldkampi sp. nov. is compared with the closely related D. (D.) lodozi Ledoux 1976. Differences between these new species and the related species are discussed. Pterostichus cryobioides Chaudoir 1868 and Nebria (N.) mandibularis Bates 1872 are recorded for the first time from Iran.


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