New report of Protankyra psudodigitata Semper, 1867 (Holothuroidea: Apodida) from Persian Gulf, Boushehr with note on its taxonomic features

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1 khorramshahr university of Marine Science and technology

2 Khorramshahr University of Marine Science and Technology, Iran

3 Khorramshahr University of Marine Science and Technology

4 University of Marine Science and Technology, Iran


This paper is a new report of a Holothuroidea (Apodida: Synaptidae: Protankyra) Protankyra psudodigitata from Persian Gulf. Specimen was collected by a Van Veen Grab from subtidal soft bottoms in May 2016. The specimen recorded was small measuring 12 mm in length, body worm-like in shape with microscopic ossicles orientated in the body wall. The size and shape of ossicles are Characteristic of species and found similar to previous reports of P. psudodigitata. The present study describes the taxonomic diagnoses of identified species bases on morphological characters.


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