On a summer collection of mantids (Insecta: Mantodea) from Lorestan province with nine new records

Document Type : Research articles


Shiraz university


In late summer 2016, the first author collected 34 specimens from nine species of Mantodea from Lorestan, chiefly Kuhdasht, Eastern part of the province. Although nine species were determined as new records for this part of the country, more searches in different seasons may lead to finding more species even new ones because this group of insects poorly studied in Iran especially in mountainous western part of the country. It is argued that much more diversity from a short time collecting effort is an evidence of our poor knowledge of the fauna of Iranian mantids. The present work is the first study on this region of Lorestan province which led to reporting nine species for the first time namely, Blepharopsis mendica, Empusa hedenborgii (Empusidae),  Ameles persa, Bolivaria brachyptera, Mantis religiosa, Microthespis dmitriewi, Oxyothespis persica, Rivetina caucasica (Mantidae), Iris oratoria (Tarachodidae).