Systematics and Distribution of Freshwater Icthyofauna in Babylon Province

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2 Al-Qasim Green University


Several studies have been carried out on the classification of freshwater fish (Icthyofauna) in all of Iraq or in the Tigris and Euphrates basin. The current study consisted of (82 specimens) were collected from three different regions within Babylon Province for seven months. Taxonomic status of specimens  were studied depending on morphometric traits (biometrics), then preserved in 70% ethyl alcohol. Surveyed area included three main sites in Babylon province, which is located in the center of Iraq. The diagnostic results showed that the collected fish samples related to five families, nine genera, and twelve species, as following: Family cyprinidae (Aspius vorax, Barbus barbulus, B. luteus, B. xanthopterus, B. grypus, Carassius auratus, Cyprinus carpio); family Bagridae (Mystus pelusius); family Siluridae (Silurus triostegus); family Mugilidae (Planiliza) (Liza abu) and (L. subviridis); family Cichlidae (Tilapia zilli).


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