A checklist of the ants (Insecta, Formicidae) of Azerbaijan Republic

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1 Institute of Zoology, National Academy of Science of Azerbaijan (IZB), A. Abbaszade st.115, pr.1128, bl.504, Az 1004, Baku, Azerbaijan

2 Aliyar Aliyev 25/29, Az 1033, Baku, Azerbaijan


The myrmecofauna of Azerbaijan is not studied well enough. Coverage on this family of insects is very few and far between. Most thoroughly studied are the ants of Talysh (Arnol'di, 1948). Information on some species can be found in the works of Ruzsky (1902, 1905), Karavaiev (1926a, b, 1929 a,b, 1932), Arnol'di (1930, 1964, 1968, 1970, 1977 a,b), Radchenko (1997). The catalog of Borowiec (2014) contains generalized data on Azerbaijan. Some data may also be gathered from the catalog of Dubovikoff, Yusupov (2017). New information on the ants of Azerbaijan was revealed by Bračko (2019), with data provided on 73 species of ants, 30 of which are new to the fauna of Azerbaijan. Provided below is a general checklist of the ants of Azerbaijan, based on all the currently available information. Messor laboriosus Santschi, 1927 is recorded for the first time for Azerbaijan. In this checklist 128 ant species belonging to 28 genera that have been recorded from Azerbaijan are presented.


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