Armada nilotica A. Bang-Haas (Lep., Noctuidae, Acontiinae) new record with first description of male from Iran

Document Type : Research articles


1 Research and Technology Institute of Plant Production (RTIPP), Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Kerman, Iran.

2 Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, 76169-133 Kerman, Iran


Armada nilotica A. Bang-Haas, male specimen is described for the first time and illustration of adult's genitalia are presented. This species is also recorded as new record for the fauna of Iran and diagnosis and description of the newly recorded species are given. Bionomics and distribution of Iranian Armada species are presented and an identification key is provided. The tribe Armadini comprises nine genera worldwide, all found in the arid and semiarid zones. The genus Armada is represented in Iran by seven species: A. heliothidia (Hampson, 1896), A. dentata (Staudinger, 1884), A. nilotica A. Bang-Haas, 1912, A. fletcheri Wiltshire, 1961, A. maritima Brandt, 1939, A. panaceorum (Ménétries, 1848) and A. clio (Staudinger, 1884). Of these, A. Panaceorum and A. clio have wider distribution rang in Iran (the former is widespread throughout Iran) while the remaining species are restricted, in the range, to the arid regions of the south and southeast.


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