Distribution and conservation status of the Persian Brook Salamander, Batrachuperus (Paradactylodon) persicus (Amphibia: Caudata:Hynobiidae) in north-western Iran

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The Persian Brook Salamander, Batrachuperus persicus, an endemic amphibian species, is
found in north and northwest of Iran (south and west of the Caspian Sea in Mazandaran
and Ardabil Provinces). It has a limited range and its current situation is unknown. So, a
survey was conducted from Oct. 2006 to Nov. 2007 to know more about conservation
status, habitat future and threats based on field works in two most known habitats,
Weyser, southeast of Chalus in Mazandaran province and Delmadeh village, southeast of
Khalkhal in Ardabil province. In four times of visiting, the senior author just found four
living salamanders. The result showed that most wild populations are threatened and
even going into extinction. Habitat loss, severe droughts, deforestation and of people's
lack of knowledege are among the most important threats. It is evident that this species is
vulnerable and deserves strict protection at national and international levels. It is clear
that for a virtual conservation plan, we need to support the streams and habitats of this
species in long time.