Spermatogenesis timing durability in lizards: Ophisops elegans (Sauria: Lacertidae) in Iran

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As a model for study of spermatogenesis durability in lizards, 75 specimens of the snakeeyed
lizard, Ophisops elegans, were collected from western Iranian Plateau. The testes of
each specimen were removed, during four years from March to October. Based on
histological and statistical analyses, three phases were observed in Ophisops elegans as
follows: (I) active phase that occurs from March to May, (II) transitional phase that
occurs from June to July and finally (III) resting phase that occurs from August to
October. Based on this study, spermatogenesis durability in O. elegans is less than five
months. Spermatogenesis durability of O. elegans occurred in post-hibernation period and
stopped in pre-hibernation.