Investigation of Bm86 gene analog sequence in some Iranian populations of Hyalomma anatolicum species

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1 Department of the Environment, Pardisan Eco-park, Hakim Highway, Tehran-Iran. P.O. Box 5181-15875

2 Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Isfahan University

3 Department of biotecnology Razi Vaccine &Serum Research Institute, Hesarak, Karaj


Ticks are an important problem among zoonotic diseases. Main veterinary species of hard ticks are: Hyalomma sp. Boophilus sp and Rhipicephalus sp. Among them Hyalomma sp. have widespread distribution in Iran and Middle East. The best method to control Hyalomma sp. is immunological one, by using antigens, which causes immunologic and physiologic reactions in host.Bm86 is one of the best antigens, vaccines of which have been produced in Cuba and Australia (TICKGARD, GAVAC).In tracing for Bm86 homologue in H.anatolicum and phylogenic research based on the construction and characterization of this gene. H.anatolicum populations were collected from various regions of Iran and subjected to DNA extraction. After PCR reaction, comparison sequencing of this gene in Hyalomma and Boophilus ticks indicated that probably there are some conserved regions inside this gene in DNAMAN program. More differences between sequences of this gene in H.anatolicum populations collected from Iran and the one from India show that biogeographical separations affect genomic characters.