Author = M Aliabadian
Prevalence and Genetic Diversity of Avian Blood Parasites (Apicomplexa: Haemosporidia) in Songbirds from the West of Iran

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 13 April 2024


Mohammad Aljehni; Omid Mirshamsi; Mansour Aliabadian

Pathogenic bacteria and the prevalence of virulence genes in E. coli isolated from passerine birds of Iran

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 21 April 2024


Maliheh Mousavinezhad; Mohammad Reza Sharifmoghadam; Mansour Aliabadian; Masoumeh Bahreini; Jonas Waldenström

Prevalence of Avian Haemosporidian Parasites: A Comparative Study between Resident and Migratory Birds of Iraq

Volume 19, Issue 2, December 2023, Pages 115-126


Israa Obaid Hussein; Mansour Aliabadian; Omid Mirshamsi; Tooba Mohammadiankalat

Geometric morphometric analysis in nine species of genus Hottentotta (Birula 1908) (Arachnida: Scorpiones) from Iran

Volume 19, Issue 1, July 2023, Pages 1-12


Masoumeh Amiri; Mansour Aliabadian; Roohollah Siahsarvie; Fereshteh Ghassemzadeh; Omid Mirshamsi

A new species of brush-tailed mice of the genus Calomyscus from southern Iran (Calomyscidae: Rodentia)

Volume 19, Issue 1, July 2023, Pages 71-101


Mehdi Dezhman; Safieh Akbarirad; Mansour Aliabadian; Roohollah Siahsarvie; Arya Shafaeipour; Omid Mirshamsi

Ticks (Metastigmata: Ixodidae) parasitizing songbirds in Iran with new host records

Volume 18, Issue 1, October 2022, Pages 77-91


Behnoush Moodi; Mansour Aliabadian; Alireza Saboori; Ali Moshaverinia; Omid Mirshamsi

BDI: A tool for management and conservation of Iran's biodiversity

Volume 17, Issue 1, September 2021, Pages 51-57


Mehdi Elahi; Jamal Elahi; Mansour Aliabadian

New geographic records of Harpacticoida (Crustacea: Copepoda) from the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, Iran

Volume 16, Issue 2, July 2020, Pages 107-130


Fatemeh Nazari; Omid Mirshamsi; Alireza Sari; Mansour Aliabadian

Sexual dimorphism in the scorpions of the genus Odontobuthus Vachon, 1950 (Scorpiones: Buthidae)

Volume 16, Issue 1, June 2020, Pages 21-35


Hossein Barahoei; Shahrokh Navidpour; Mansour Aliabadian; Roohollah Siahsarvie; Omid Mirshamsi

Phylogeny of Iranian species of the genus Daphnia O. F. Müller, 1785 (Crustacea: Branchiopoda: Anomopoda) based on morphological characters

Volume 13, Issue 1, December 2017, Pages 77-106


Ali Mohammadyari; Fereshteh Ghassemzadeh; Omid Mirshamsi; Mansour Aliabadian; Behrooz Atashbar

Pardosa colchica Mcheidze, 1946: a first report from West Azerbaijan Province, Iran (Araneae: Lycosidae)

Volume 13, Issue 2, August 2017, Pages 199-206


Sepideh Shafaie; Omid Mirshamsi; Mansour Aliabadian; Majid Moradmand; Yuri Marusik

New look at the con-specificity of the two shrews, Crocidura gmelini and C. suaveolens from Iran; geometric morphometrics approach

Volume 13, Issue 2, August 2017, Pages 237-246


Somayeh Saeedzadeh; Ahdiyeh Mehdipour; Jamshid Darvish; Mansour Aliabadian; Ahmad Mahmoudi

Integrative taxonomy of Meriones persicus (Rodentia, Gerbillinae) in Iran

Volume 12, Issue 1, December 2016, Pages 77-95


Malahat Dianat; Jamshid Darvish; Mansour Aliabadian; Hamid Haddadian Shad; A. Khajeh; V. Nicolas

Biosystematic study of Calomyscus mystax (Rodentia, Calomyscidae) from northeastern Iran

Volume 11, Issue 1, October 2015, Pages 65-77


Safie Akbarirad; Jamshid Darvish; Mansour Aliabadian; C. William Kilpatrick

Morphometric variation of Periophthalmus waltoni Koumans, 1941(Teleostei: Gobiidae) in the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman

Volume 10, Issue 2, December 2014, Pages 137-144


Mehdi Ghanbarifardi; Mansour Aliabadian; Hamid Reza Esmaeili

Morphological Study of Hemidactylus Geckos (Squamata:Gekkonidae) from Iran

Volume 10, Issue 2, December 2014, Pages 175-184


Mahboubeh Sadat Hosseinzadeh; Mansour Aliabadian; Eskandar Rastegar Pouyani; Nasrullah Rastegar-Pouyani

The Karaman vole Microtus irani karamani is a new record for Iran (Arvicolinae; Microtus)

Volume 10, Issue 1, September 2014, Pages 51-56


Ahmad Mahmoudi; Jamshid Darvish; Mansour Aliabadian

Molecular phylogeny of Malaysian Pangasiid based on cytochrome C oxidase I (COI) DNA sequences

Volume 9, Issue 1, April 2013, Pages 17-28


Z.M Azlina; SK Daud; SS Siraj; Mansour Aliabadian; F.Y. Moghaddam

Eight new records of bird species from North-Eastern Iran

Volume 7, Issue 1, September 2011, Pages 31-47


Mansour Aliabadian; S Riyahi; F Ghorbani; S Are Saether; Mahmood Ghasempouri; GP Saetre

Phylogenetic analysis of the five-toed Jerboa (Rodentia) from the Iranian Plateau based on mtDNA and morphometric data

Volume 6, Issue 1, July 2010, Pages 49-59


Malahat Dianat; M. Tarahomi; Jamshid Darvish; Mansour Aliabadian